We first had a look at the moodle eLearning system most of us already knew from their school time. By side of looking at existing solutions did we have the opportunity to get direct feedback from a teacher. Combined with our knowledge and the one from our mentor did we create the current concept.

What it does

It gives teachers the possibility to create learning materials, exercises, assignments, and whole lessons. Each student does get added to the lessons he has to attend and can see them in the intuitive timeline on his dashboard. The parents do have the possibility in the same time to watch the latest statistics about their children, to request a call/meeting with the teacher, and they are able to see what is planned next in the calendar for each child.

All the above-mentioned functionalities with the related code are MIT licensed and free to use. The goal would be to provide an open permissionless system for anyone and if possible free of charge. This project could get developed without any full time hires and could get transitioned into a real OpenSourceSoftware project but only with the required funding for the servers.

How we built it

We mostly focused on the client-side of the project and do currently use the Google Cloud. Behind the scene are a no-sql database and an authentication service. The whole project is written in JavaScript to be able to run it on close to every known device. Because of the abstraction between the client and backend of our application we are able to move the current existing services to self-hosted swiss servers with ease.


  • React & Mobx
  • MongoDB
  • OAuth2
  • JavaScript


Demo user: pw: versusvirus

Further Testaccounts can get requested (Teacher and Parent Role)


Challenges we ran into

We first have planned to set up the complete backend on our own with Go, Docker, and CockroachDB but had to stop this because of the limited time and manpower we had. We then created quickly the services we need on the Google Cloud and started to connect the backend services with the browser-based client.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We achieved in a really small amount of time a good looking UI, working backend and had the possibility to use some great new browser APIs. We think we can be proud of the current UX/UI and backend we have created in such a short amount of time.

What we learned

We learned this hackathon that we probably first should start with the UI of our project and stub data and to slowly integrate the backend instead of putting so many hours on the backend. Those hours are better spent on the UI/UX of our hackathon project.

What's next for the Open School System

  • Setting up Switzerland based servers
  • Finalizing existing features
  • Asking for feedback from teachers, students, and parents.
  • Creating the demo v0.1
  • Defining the final concept for 1.0 and implementing it.
  • Advertise to schools and teachers.

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