Type 2 Diabetes in Youth Progresses Faster, More Aggressively Than in Adults, Even Under Optimal Treatment.

The “faces” of those developing type 2 diabetes “are becoming younger by the year,” wrote Diabetes Care Editor in Chief William Cefalu, MD. “We are not prepared as a medical community or as a global society at this time to effectively address the growing problem of type 2 diabetes in youth. To state that we have a huge challenge ahead and no real solutions is an understatement.”

Open Diabetes Network is an integrated mobile application that provides adolescents and young adults with type 2 diabetes with everything they need to manage their condition:

  • information about the condition and materials to help establish new behaviors;
  • educational materials on lifestyle options to manage their condition;
  • interaction platform to connect with patients like them, caregivers, doctors, etc;
  • chat module;
  • integration with devices to collect disease related data;
  • daily lifestyle tracking module to capture important information such as diet, exercise, etc;
  • notification engine: to help diabetes patients manage their condition [ taking meds on time; logging data, etc]
  • analytics module: visual representation of the progress/status of key parameters such as glucose level; activity level over time;
  • gamification: users can earn points for different activities. Awards can be assigned based on number of points accumulated.

Finally adolescents and young adults with type 2 diabetes will have one application that they can use to manage their disease. One application that has every single component they need to stay updated on latest news on diabetes, communicate, track their progress and even win gifts.

The other great aspects of this platform:

  • applications runs on any device;
  • applications can run in any language;
  • application can be updated via configurator - no need to know programming;
  • application can be easily expanded to connect to new devices, etc - everything can be managed via configurator;
  • application can be adapted to adult diabetes patients, type 1 diabetes patients, little kids within a day without programming.

Robust recommendation engine ensures content relevancy - reduces the level of noise. Notifications that can be done via email, SMS, native device channels will remind patients on their daily activities. Rewards system will encourage good behaviors: usage of application, data logging, etc. Customizable rewards system allows setup rewards that will be more of interest to specific type of patients.

Our team includes:

Dr. Neal Friedman is a practicing Endocrinologist in rural New Mexico. He is also the Medical Director of the local Physician Hospital organization and the Diabetes program. He previously was the Medical Director of South Central Preferred, a provider sponsored PPO and TPA in South Central Pennsylvania and was Medical Director for Disease Management for Wellspan Health, while still practicing endocrinology, primarily in children. Prior to that, he was the Vice President for Medical affairs for Quality for Kaleida Health in Buffalo, New York and had responsibility for managed care issues for the largest municipal health system in upstate New York. Previously he was Medical Director for Disease Management at Lovelace Clinic He is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. He recently completed a five year term as editor-in-chief of Diabetes Forecast. He has carried out about 40 clinical studies, including numerous studies of agents for treatment of hypertension and dyslipidemia. He has been editor of the ADA journal Diabetes Forecast. Dr. Friedman has special expertise in the area of chronic disease management. He is consultant to the Department of Defense for their diabetes management program.

Dr Barry Zuckerman Zuckerman has a B.A. from Rutgers University and M.D. from Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. Zuckerman spends much of his time promoting child health and development, training child professionals, and developing strategies to transform child health services. Since completing his medical training, he has helped start the Medical-Legal Partnership | Boston and the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, Healthy Steps, Health Leads, Witness to Violence, PainFree Pediatrics, and Reach Out and Read, that go beyond the scope of conventional medical care. Dr. Zuckerman has authored more than 200 scientific publications about the impact of biological, social, health services, and psychological factors on children's health and development. He is an editor of four books, such as the Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics: Handbook for Primary Care, which was published in English and Spanish. 32 Named Visiting Professorships , APA Health Care Delivery Award and Policy and Advocacy Award, Joseph St Geme Award for, Pediatric Leadership,Sesame St Sunny Days Award , Honorary Degree in Education from Wheelock College among numerous local and national awards also member NIH consensus panel , National Commission on Children , Carnegie Commission on Young Children

Tatyana Kanzaveli Founder and CEO of Open Health Network Tatyana is a serial entrepreneur. She is a mentor at 500Startups and Richard Branson Entrepreneurial Centre. Tatyana is a frequent speaker at international and local events. She presented at the United Nations, GES, HIMSS and other high profile conferences around the world.

Dr Maksim Tsvetovat Co-founder and CTO of Open Health Network Scientist and software engineer with focus on social software, social networks and simulation of complex systems. Professor at George Mason University. Mobile health, big data, analytics, social networks and link analysis.

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