Imgur The most succesful open source software projects aren't just about good code. Great software projects have excellent documentation, good community leadership and management, varying tutorials and content created around them. At Open.Connect we aim to connect good software projects with great non-technical skills that can take the project to the next level!

What it does


Open.Connect helps people with non-technical skills find and contribute to open source projects that need their help. From technical writers, content makers, translators, data labelers or simply people to test the software we give the everyday person a window to helping ambitious open source projects take off!

How I built it

We picked a really good template - that matches our vision and aesthetic - we customized it to exactly what we needed then added functionality to allow people to post, comment and join open source projects and the help that they need on them.

Challenges I ran into

We spent a lot of time going over documentation and redoing things - trying to find the right way to do stuff.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We actually got something functional up.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about Corvid and Wix and how powerful the tools are. Allowing you to drag and drop most functionality and dig down deep into the code when you need to.

What's next for Open.Connect

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