We know that open source can be intimating to look at, contribute to, and learn from. We also know that, as programmers, we have a passion to build and create. To bridge the knowledge gap between beginners and open source code, OpenCode does just that-- exposing and encouraging programmers to contribute their tech skills and exchange their creativity.

What it does

OpenCode provides a hub for beginner programs to meet, to collaborate, and get exposure to open source, while taking on an active role in software development and expressing ideas. By auto generating a docker file and forking the repo for environment setup, OpenCode provides an easy to do process with little chance of error, regarding environment setup, to eliminate the common barrier most face when contributing to open source.

How we built it - the Technologies

Frontend: ReactJs, Html, Css Server: Golang, Node.js Database: DocDB Environment: docker, shell script, Linux

Challenges we ran into

Our front-end developers were relatively new to React, and had a steep learning curve in terms of syntax and usage of the framework.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While working till the very last hour and with two hours of sleep each, we managed to maintain a pretty upbeat and encouraging atmosphere among the team. (Singing and dancing were a plus) We also got a minimal viable product working just in time for the demo (what more can we ask for?)

What we learned

A lot of React. React is best left as buzzword. Singing and talking to ourselves constantly helps keep the team going.

What's next for Open Code

Implementing a fully functional authentication system. Allowing comments and upvotes to be added for individual projects.

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