As university students, it is often difficult for us to visualize abstract concepts. In order to appreciate various theoretical concepts, it is pivotal that an individual can visualize it. We created Open Channels as a cloud-based augmented reality solution that enables individuals and corporations alike to create rich and immersive user experiences.

What it does

Open Channels allows users to interact with 3D models in context of their real life situation. Users can interact with the models using hand-based gestures through the Myo Arm Band, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

How I built it

Open Channels was built with various tools, ranging from Unity to the Vuforia SDK and Android Studio. In addition, our team used the Myo Arm Band and its accompanying SDK to incorporate hand gestures into our application. Amazon AWS was integrated in order for users to upload their own 3D models and view them on the application.

Built With

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