Post operative care drastically improves the quality of life of individuals who have undergone surgery. When completed routinely, post operative care not only increases the process of healing but also helps individuals regain their range of motion and return to their daily activities faster.

So why do people need an app for this? Why not just call mom?

People often forget about the numerous medications (frequency, refills...), rehabilitation instructions, physiotherapy appointments and the different types of exercises they require before and after surgery. OpBuddy is here to solve that!

What it does

OpBuddy organizes a patient's rehabilitation details and medication in one simple app. Users can take a photo of their operative care instructions (pre and post) and prescription forms. This information will become reminders for the patient to take their medication, refill their prescriptions, and to also prepare for operative care. Users can see their calculated coverage to provide more transparency with the hidden costs of medical procedures including pre and post-op medication,and rehabilitation appointments. OpBuddy calculates third party insurance coverage and keeps a cumulative total of running costs for users to ensure better budgeting. OpBuddy also reminds users of upcoming doctors appointments with the date, location and time to ensure a user never misses an appointment!

How we built it

Prototype completed on Adobe XD. Programmed using React, Node.js, JavaScript and the Azure Computer Vision API.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulties with API integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating the Azure Computer Vision API to successfully function with the app.

What we learned

Front-end design, API integration, using Azure APIs.

What's next for OpBuddy

Calendar syncing with the Google Calendar API such that users can ensure that their appointments are not clashing with any other aspect of their life. We also hope to enable family sharing between patients and their loved ones for more seamless healthcare. For more geriatric populations, loved ones can check whether the patient has taken their medication, when their appointments are and when to go for refills.

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