Inspired by the award winning puzzle game Monument Valley and its relaxing game mechanisms as well as isometric camera.

What it does

Follow along with Opala and her cat Nino as they embark on a journey of self growth and exploration in order to find Lisama, Opala's elder sister. As Opala and Nino travel through the four seasons, they learn more about themselves and become one step closer to locating Lisama.

Winter: Protection

Opala is inside the house with her cat, Nino. They are looking for Opala's older sister Lisama, who left home. Opala needs Nino's help reaching the house key, which is on top of a high bookshelf. But even once Opala opens the front door, it is too cold and snowy, and she cannot go outside. Nino must help her to find her scarf before she braves the outdoors. Stepping out into the snow, she crosses the yard and opens the gate into spring.

How we built it

QT Creator, OpenGL, Figma

Challenges we ran into

Building a game engine from scratch was much more difficult and time consuming than expected, as was debugging OpenGL.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're excited to have built a game engine and are proud of our designs, which can be found here.

What we learned

We learned about using graphical textures, shaders, and interactions to build a game.

What's next for Opala

We would love to finish the final 3 seasons as part of the game. They are as follows:

Spring: Reflection

The snow has melted and cherry trees are in bloom. Through the trees Opala sees a lake. As she and Nino cross over to see it, the fish scatter and the water clears. In their reflection they can see their innermost thoughts, or a projection of what to do next. They use fallen cherry branches to create a raft, and now they can cross the lake into summer.

Summer: Exploration

Autumn: Reunion

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