OP.Sign is a Secure Scanning, Signing and Managing signature flows platform, and now it is integrated into Monday.com

OP.Sign manages Digital signature flows for the SMB for single or multiple participants, including 3rd parties, increasing productivity, security and business integrity (real time).

The OP.Sign for monday.com app will be initially developed for monday.com Integrations. In the future, additional enhancements to the app, in the form of OP.Sign as a Board view (a board for managing OP.Sign documents) and OP.Sign as a Dashboard widget will be added to the app and the platform.

Here is the main use cases: A two-stage recipe triggered by a status change of field within a board in the form of:

When the [Status] changes to [Value], send the document in [Link to Contract] to the recipient's [Email] for signature. When the document is signed, add the link of the signed document into [Signed Contract] and change the [Status] to [Signed]

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