It was a fantastic idea that came to my mind before i go to sleep.

What it does

oops Egg increasing your patience when you are trying to balance eggs on its holders.

How I built it

In this game, I use phaser js as a game engine and matter.js as the physics engine, facebook instant game platform helps to handle users also developments like leader boards analytics, etc.

Challenges I ran into

When i was making the game world, it was a big challenge to make the interface more attractive and playful. Also, physics theories that use in the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Every code i type was joyful, and it makes me proud. I've learn it from 0, not only development, 3D object making using Blender, and Its lighting techniques, Sounds and its techniques, all are new to my life.

What's next for oops Egg

I would like to remove games levels and add random arrangement then give infinity new levels for user

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