To provide a simple but effective utility for caregivers and 1st responders to facilitate Opioid Overdose Prevention (OOP). Includes:

  • Easy access to SAMHSA information
  • Step-by-step process in the event of an incident
  • Develop on platform the enables expandability
  • Enable access from any client device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC)

How it works

OOPAssist is a web application accessible from tablets, PC, and smartphones. Login required. On first visit, user must register and wait for admin approval.

The key requirements are addressed via 2 simple menu items:

RESOURCES: Intended for family members, 1st responders, assistants, caretakers.

  • Menu item accessible after successful login
  • Ready access to information ideally suited for user types described in SAMHSA Use Cases
  • Categories filter displays links and topics as specified in SAMHSA OOP Asset file
  • Clearly visible buttons for phone calls
  • Descriptive titles link to resources described in the SAMHSA Asset file :
    • Click to preview content without losing your position (Chrome, FireFox, etc). Link contents are best viewed on larger screen like a tablet or laptop.
    • Long click to open resource in new tab (Safari).
    • Provide gallery navigation for other category links. Title of the reference is displayed at the bottom and right/left navigation buttons allow previewing other category references.

EMERGENCY: Intended for caretakers, 1st responders that are prepared to provide breathing assistance and administer Naloxone. This section references the SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Toolkit pgs. 8-10. Key features:

  • Menu item accessible after successful login
  • Designed to provide user what (s)he needs, when (s)he needs it
  • TABbed dialogs are organized according to "The 5 Essential Steps for First Responders" (SAMHSA OOP Toolkit)
  • Status indicators provide quick feedback on progress
  • Progress bars and % values provide qualitative feedback on 2 patient assessment criteria (Overdose / Overmedication). Check boxes provide more specific information.
  • Timers, visual indicators, simple instructions allow 1st responder to focus on:
    • Providing breathing assistance prior to Naloxone administration
    • Preparation prior to administering a dose
    • Monitoring effects after dosing
    • Simple review of events and symptoms available for rapid communication to EMT when they arrive

Footer: Provides links to initiate a support ticket or send requests to FCG.

Resources used

  • SAMHSA Resources and information:
  • FCG Virtual Appliances used for Clinical diagnostics, Laboratory automation, and Food/Flavors industry solutions that have been modified to address SAMHSA requirements.

Use cases

Given the use cases below, we outline OOPAssist navigation pathways to address the individual scenarios. For example: clicking on Resources, filtering by Support category, then dialing the Parent Help Line number is shown as Resources > Support > Parent help line

  • Marian: concerned mother, moral and financial supporter of a college-aged son who developed an opioid addiction following a sport injury.
    • Worried about relapse, and preparing for a potential overdose incident: Marian might review links displayed by using the Prevention and Treatment filters.
    • If she has time to educate herself she might use her tablet or laptop to review each article about recovery and relapse: Resources > Prevention > page search the term 'relapse'
    • If she has limited time and needs immediate feedback, she could use her mobile phone, filter use the Support or Prevention filters, and simply call the 'Parent help line' to get advice. OOPAssist displays urgent information more noticeably and will initiate dialing.

  • Leroy: church Minister running a recovery group, providing spiritual counsel to individuals trying to recover from addiction
    • Leroy is concerned about addiction and recovery in his community. He could navigate to the Resources menu and filter by Addiction or Recovery using the church computer or laptop.
    • Since he is interested in learning about prevention and knows his community well, Leroy could filter by Resources > Prevention and find several resources including a link geared to demographics.

  • Cuong: Narcotics Anonymous recovering addict and sponsor, mentor, supporter of other recovering addicts
    • To address his own condition, Cuong could benefit from reviewing the links found following Resources > Recovery
    • Cuong is concerned providing support and seems prepared to be as a first responder, he could navigate to Resources > Treatment and learn about Buprenorphone treatment (used in combination with Naloxone). He might also view the videos on Naloxone administration.
    • Armed with the information above, Cuong could be prepared to directly assist a first responder : after receiving an urgent call on his mobile phone from his sponsee, he could use OOPAssist to navigate to Emergency, use the TAB organization to perform the 5 Essential Steps for First Responders.
    • OOPAssist will step Cuong through the process. The first TAB facilitates making the emergency call to 911. He would then assess Overdose or Overmedicated symptoms by clicking on appropriate items. He is then focused on providing breathing assistance. A blinking reminder and color codes prompt him to provide additional breaths until his sponsee is breathing. He is then taken to the Naloxone administration and monitoring TAB. Cuong is provided reminders of what he needs to do and can record the dose and type of injection he provides. A timer and visual feedback allow him to focus on his patient and remind him when he should check for stabilization, and decide whether to administer another dose. Hopefully this process allows Cuong to assist his sponsee until the EMTs arrive.

  • Rosa: concerned older sister to Maria
    • Rosa could benefit from the information links related to teenage drug use that she will find following Resources > Prevention (subsearch teen) and Resources > Addiction
    • Because she is a family caretaker, she may also be a candidate to learn to be a first responder, navigate to Resources > Treatment and view the videos on Naloxone administration.
    • Should the unfortunate circumstance arise that she needs to address an emergency situation with her younger sister, she could use OOPAssist to navigate to Emergency and provide the 5 Essential Steps for First Responders as described above.

Devices used for Testing

OOPAssist is a web application designed to be used on most browsers. The platform is responsive to accommodate and adjust the user interface to different clients and devices. Devices/OS/browsers used for testing were:

  • ASUS Transformer Pad (10in); Android 4.4+; GoogleChrome browser
  • Dell Venue 8 PRO; Windows 8.1 for tablets; IE 11+ and GoogleChrome browsers
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (smartphone); Android 5.1.1; Built-in and GoogleChrome browsers
  • Apple iPAD 2 WiFi ; iOS9 and Safari browser
  • Several PCs and laptops; Windows 7 PRO, and 8.1 Home; IE11, GoogleChrome, FireFox browsers


  • Phone functionality works only on smartphones. During the demo period, all phone links dial 411 to avoid false alarms. If FCG is selected as a finalist, the correct phone numbers will be programmed.
  • The solution was tested on internal servers which are being replicated in the cloud in time for the judging period
  • Access: use this OOPAssist link (you will be redirected to the demo/evaluation server)

Challenges I ran into

FCG is dedicated to understanding requirements, workflows and use cases, then providing the ideal solution by selecting the best tools and performing ample usability testing.

The resources provided and case studies provided were very useful. Given the potentially serious impact of OOP, it would very important to receive more feedback than conventional projects to ensure that our solutions and usability testing are on target.

From a technical perspective a challenge I found was the display of SAHMSA reference links in both iOS and non-iOS clients. In Chrome and FireFox (windows and Android devices) the link displays as expected in a pop-up and the user can scroll within the pop-up to review the information. In the Safari browser (iOS) the best way to reference the link without navigating away from OOPAssist is to 'long-click' and open in a new browser TAB.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Adapting FCG Appliances and solutions to an important community requirement (particularly the Emergency pathway ). Focusing on how to make technology work for users.

What I learned

The significant challenges family, caretakers and health professionals face in the area of OOP. Renewed validation that technology can and should be used to provide tangible solutions that address socially relevant objectives, as well as business and educational needs.

Various technical details needed to address implementation issues.

What's next for OOPAssist (Opioid Overdose Prevention Assist)

If selected as a finalist, and depending on user requirements, FCG envisions leveraging currently unused functionality in the platform used for OOPAssist:

  • Tracking multiple incidents and capturing details generated in The 5 Essential Steps for First Responders.
  • Summarizing and reporting incidents and details, while respecting HIPAA and privacy. potentially generating a PDF on-the-fly to aid EMT and health care providers (we have all faced the inconvenience of repeating information at hospitals)
  • Potential connectivity to EMR systems, content management systems, or health-oriented apps such as GenieMD
  • Enable SMS and e-mail functions built-in to FCG Appliances to facilitate alerting family and others that can provide assistance
  • Develop additional tags to facilitate searching in the Resources section
  • Maintaining ideal cost/value benefit

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