The inspiration of OONO came from the fact that many people do not use the compass app on their phones. OONO was going to use the magnetometer to find another phone that is facing the opposite direction of the user and initiate a chat between the two.

What it does

Our demo version of OONO has a dial that you can spin, changes color as you get closer to a hardcoded value, and when you hit a range around the hardcoded value, opens up a chat with a bot.

How we built it

We first had a meeting about what technologies we wanted to use. Before coming to the hackathon, we already had an idea of what we wanted to do. We had envisioned a mobile app that used a compass in order to find people to talk to "face-to-face." We had suggested meteor.js and react native, but ended up going with react native due to being better optimized for a mobile application. We also used React Native because down the road, if we decided that we would like to expand to Android, it would be simple to support Android. We wrote most of the app in React Native which uses Javascript as its base.

Challenges we ran into

We had envisioned an app that used the iPhone's compass in order to handle the behavior of the app. However, after about 10 hours of trying to get the pre-existing open-source libraries to work, retrofitting another one to wrap around Objective-C code, we later decided that we could not feasibly implement a working compass with the iPhone's magnetometer in time, so we ended up using a custom component: the react-dial. The dial will replace the need for the compass because we can manually crank the dial so that we can emulate the degree change that would represent the actual user turning around to find a partner to chat with. We also tried to implement video chatting into the app, but we were unable to due to the lack of experience in dealing with the backend side of production.

In general, many of our problems arose from our inexperience with the technologies used. However, our team has improved as a whole with this new experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the fact that we, as a team have successfully created an app with React Native despite having never made an app before. We're also proud of our work on the logistics of the app in terms of scouting out the competition, and thinking of ways to make money.

What we learned

Our developers learned how to create cross platform apps with React Native,

Our creative learned that we should've had more people coding.

What's next for OONO

Video chat, connecting based on mood, add friends, major event group chats, region search.

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