When adding new friends, it's a pain to type their names and contact info, and then searching them on each social media to add them as friends. What if this process can be simplified?

What it does

Qontact is a virtual contact card that enables a user to add a person’s contact information and social media all at once. Qontact runs on a mobile-friendly website that generates a QR code that contain an individual’s contact information/social media.

How I built it

Front-End: Riya. Back-End: Ami Zou & Steven Chan. Design: Riya. Product Management: Gillian Pantaleon.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Set up Postgres and Apache; for some reason, localhost and some ports were not running
  2. Attempted to use Flask for postgresql & python connection but failed
  3. Switched back to PHP but had many errors in compiling the file

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished building this product!!!

What I learned

Teamwork is amazing :D

What's next for Ook: sharing contact info with one scan

Keep polishing the web app; Build mobile apps for it + add scanning and other functionalities

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