A desire to provide the most credible answer to questions of the form, 'What's the best [product type]?'

What it does

It reads product reviews and comparisons, keeping track of the ranks of items. Identifies items ASIN (amazon standard identification number) to verify the name of the product as well as acquire additional product information.

How I built it

Using scraping tools, NLP tools, a lot of iteration, and some cleverness as well.

Challenges I ran into

Scraping was difficult, mainly because we had to apply a technique which could work on thousands of differently formatted sites.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting final ranked lists that make sense and match up with marketplace trends, and for almost any product.

What I learned

A lot about scraping, even more about the importance of planning ahead. Also, how to pace myself

What's next for OogaBooga - Product Research Tool

We believe in the idea and feel that we have so much room to grow. Using google firebase, developing amazon affiliate links could lead to commercial viability. More NLP tools to access more resources and product information from less and less structed data. Deep learning strategies for weighing product stats against it's overall score, to find deeper understandings of why consumers like what they like. With OogaBooga, anything is possible (and likely)!

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