.We chose to start small; we wanted to explore the impact of seemingly unimportant decisions on our daily lives. After some market research, we found that whether we realize it or not, subtle things such as what we choose to wear can significantly affect our mood/image. We wanted to make something with attention to detail that will improve your self confidence and fashion sense.

What it does

At the beginning of each day, the Starters.T.T app we created will ask you 4-5 quick, unique multiple choice questions about your mood and external factors. Then, our custom series of algorithms will analyze the importance of each deciding factor (i.e. weather, amount of physical activity) and suggest an appropriate outfit for the day, based on your preferences.

How we built it

We used java in android studio to construct both the front and back end program. We also attempted to construct a database using Google firebase.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Everything
  2. Google firebase doesn't appear in Android studio
  3. Learning a new language (Java and Javascript) was challenging.
  4. Design an app for the first time and tying front end and back end together was confusing and challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We Made Our First Android App!!

What we learned

  1. First, we learned the process of designing an app, with both front end and back end *2. Pulling all nighters is a great team bonding experience*
  2. We reviewed / learned java on the spot
  3. APIs are Hard, but rewarding

What's next for StartersT.T

In the near-future we hope to implement a feature that allows users to rate the outfit suggestions given by StartersT.T on the previous day. Then a machine-learning algorithm could be implemented to the user’s preferences so StartersT.T could offer better suggestions in the future.

Our suggestion algorithm could be used in other fields too, such as food and drink. Vendors can employ such apps to encourage consumers to try a greater variety of their services.

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