Product Name


  • ooF stands for Overcoming Our Fears
  • Parentheses () represent inclusivity of people with fears that interferes with their mental well-being.
  • Full stop . represents putting an end to our fears
  • The yellow colour used for the logo symbolises the optimism in overcoming one’s fear

Problem statement

Contrary to what many may think, FOMO (fear of missing out) is not the top phobia faced by adults today. Instead, acrophobia, the fear of height, is one of the top fears faced. 1 in 15 adults faces Acrophobia at some point in their lives and this follows them through their adulthood. Similar to many fears, adults are conscious of sharing their inner fear with friends and families and face even more barriers when overcoming their fear such as lack of platform, tools and unrealistic experience.


Even though there are existing applications targeted at overcoming acrophobia, we noticed that there is a lack of localisation in terms of design and experience. Moreover, these applications provide only specific feature targeted at the user’s fear. With having a positive and peaceful mental well-being being a crucial part of overcoming fear, we discovered that there is an opportunity gap to be filled with an application that is able to provide for both 1) overcoming different fears and 2) providing mental tranquility.

Hence, we were inspired to create a localised application for Singaporeans to practice meditation and overcome their fear, all within an application and a few taps away.


Tapping into virtual reality, (ooF). is an app created for locals, by locals. It is an inexpensive and affordable VR Android application that is accessible for all. Users can easily download the application for free on the Android App Store, purchase a cardboard headset or plastic headset and slot their phone into the headset to start overcoming our fears!

The main differentiation from other existing applications is that (ooF). offers a real-life localised experience at an affordable price and in the comfort of the users’ homes. Each headset costs around S$3.40 compared to other headsets that cost hundreds of dollars. The application features familiar local scenes such as Bukit Timah Hill and HDB rooftop to provide the most realistic experience the user can find. The two main features include:

  1. Meditate on Mountains (featuring Bukit Timah Hill): sounds of nature will be played while the user wears the headset and experience the tranquillity of the mountains.

  2. Walk the Plank (featuring HDB rooftop): this is the main feature of the application where a user is placed on the rooftop of a HDB flat to experience how it is like when they are at a high spot.

Users simply have to follow the instructions on the screen to start and experience for themselves meditating and overcoming their fear.


Short Term

(ooF). to include stages of the current features. For instance, Walk the Plank can feature a few stages (i.e. easy, medium, difficult) where users can experience going through different obstacles and slowly, at their own pace, overcome the different levels of difficulty.

Long Term

With fear as the centre of the application, we hope to further develop and include more features that are targeted at the top fears faced by individuals. This may include fear of eating alone, fear of public speaking, fear of small talks, and even overcoming the fear of dogs and cats – all in a localised context. To put into perspective, a feature targeted at the fear of public speaking may have an interface of a NTU lecture hall with NTU students to offer the user a realistic experience.

With localisation and meditation as our key differentiation, (ooF). may include other countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Korea in the future versions.

Technology Stack

The application is built with Unity and Google VR.

Built With

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