There exist no single conversational AI app that helps commuters to provide driver and transit operators ratings and earn rewards. Creating an app that helps commuter’s safety and driver service efficiency, first and last mile and everything in between.

What it does

We help Detroit residents get safe and efficient commute options in real-time with cost and trip time comparison options. Oodles Rewards is also utilizing AI technology with integration of additional API’s to its existing Ford "Connected Car" app that will help commuters find trains, buses, and rideshare services cheaper and faster, it encourages commuters to provide bus driver and transit operators ratings by rewarding them for every action. Oodles also provides its users with an online community enabling the crowdsourcing of dangerous incidents to earn additional rewards. Further, utilizing AI with location based services, Oodles Rewards delivers the right message, to the right person at the right time. Location based services allow brands and nearby retailers to make every moment along the commuter’s journey and purchase funnel meaningful and rewarding. Thus, we have created one single app that improves any city into a smart city by bringing commuters, transit authorities, businesses, and brands to improve the quality of life for its people. Our mobility analytics aggregates user data using AI to predict traffic patterns and how the commuter's moves across the city.

How we built it

• web application • backend • mobile app • javascript • HTML5/CSS • express.js • material-ui • • Social sharing • Sync 3 • DDOT • Gov Detroit • SMART • APTA • TransitLand and TransitFeeds • Amtrak • AI

Our current app with rewards platform is available on iOS and Android App Store. Our “Connected Car” Sync 3 app is in a testing phase with Ford engineers and will be rolled out in Ford vehicle soon. (“Oodles Rewards”, previously known as “FuelSignal”). We are developing mobility app features on top of our existing app by utilizing City of Detroit and transit data to aggregate commuter’s journey data and analytics to improve quality of life of Detroit residents and revive the economic vitality.

Challenges we ran into

Creating one central app for different type of commuter’s requires different customization and UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Winner of the first ever Ford SYNC Applink "Connected Car - Connected City App Pursuit Challenge hackathon beating over 169 companies. (Oodles Rewards previously known as FuelSignal). Successfully raising seed round after winning Ford hackathon. Please note that our previous hackathon was not in anyway affiliated with Devpost.

App Pursuit Challenge Winner:
LA Autoshow Hackathon Winner:

iOS Oodles test phase app integrated with Ford Sync (connect to a Ford vehicle): and/or

Video DEMO: Oodles test phase app Integrated with Ford:

What we learned

Startups are challenging but rewarding economically, and most importantly to see the difference and impact you can make in people's life.

What's next for Oodles Rewards

Integrating mobile wallet for commuters to easily purchase transit ticket, expense tracking, and rewards from one single app.

Oodles aims to revive & help the city of Detroit's businesses & their communities thrive.

Oodles is excited and looking forward to working with Ford & the city of Detroit to build out a safer & more reliable mobility solution. Further, Oodles Rewards would like to explore the option to partner with Ford, TechStars, Magna, McDonalds, Verizon, Michelin Tires under the Detroit Mobility program.

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