We noticed that none of the ridesharing apps are perfect right now with options being the main example. Currently, you could only go from one location to another on an app by car. We wanted to change this by allowing people to also get from one place to another through a single app with more options than just a car.

What it does

Oober plus is a web app that allows users to find posts created by other users advertising transportation to a specific location at a given time. Users are able to create a profile, sign in, make posts, browse other users’ ads, and view account details. The front end was created using html, css, react, tailwind, antd. The backend was created using firebase auth and firestore.

How we built it

As we built a website, we built the frontend with react.js and the backend with next.js. This inherently meant we used HTML and vanilla JavaScript for the frontend and JavaScript for the backend. In addition, we used css, sass, tailwind.css, and ant design for styling the website. For our database, we used FireStore and we used Firebase authentication for login and registration.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging aspect of the project was making the search results update in realtime. Some of our members were also new to frontend and due to that, a large part of our project was spent learning. Nonetheless, we feel like this hackathon made us better developers as we feel like we took on an overwhelming task for our skill level and accomplished good results.

What we learned

Some of the members were first time leaning React and Firebase. We were able to quickly grasps how to program with React and build our infrastructure with Firebase. Since we had a few beginners’ programmers in our group they learned about how to program both front-end and back-end of a website. It was a great learning experience since everyone in the group was able to learn something new.

What's next for OoberPlus

Next steps for OoberPlus would be to allow messaging within the app so people have a secure and private outlet to communicate with others on how to move from one place to another. Additionally, we would enable payments through stripe to counter any fraudulent activities. Lastly, we would like to expand our services to provide food delivery as well as rideshare opportunities, possibly branching off into a second app called oober plus eatz.


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