by Charley Chen, Matthew Li, Tyler Thompson, and Austin Liu


2014 was the year of the smartwatch. Within the couse of a single year, we saw a variety of smartwatches, all produced from different companies with different capabilities. As expected, each new watch attempted to outdo the last, with a host of new features and specifications trying to make the most of the smart-wearables field. Yet, out of the myriad of watches released and the countless applications produced, none of them allowed for simple navigation. Not a single app could tell us what direction we should proceed in in order to get to our final destination. That is where Onyx comes in.

Onyx is our attempt at bringing simple and intuitive navigation to the smartwatch market. Instead of displaying complex text directions, our app displays a single arrow that points in the direction of your target, much like that in any video game minimap. With its companion app for the iPhone, you can tap a point nearby you, and the arrow will begin to point in that direction. No matter how you turn or move, the arrow will always guide your way. In case you don't know where you're going, our app can also suggest popular locations (famous Cornell locations), nearby hotels (thanks to Priceline's API), and even hospitals (thanks to Google Maps API). If that doesn't fit your needs, just type into the search bar what you are looking for. We hope that Onyx will guide you on your next adventure!

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Technologies Used

  • Priceline API
  • Pebble C
  • Objective-C
  • Node.js

For BigRed\Hacks 2015!

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