When we arrived at HackCWRU, we didn't really have a clear idea of what we were going to do. Other ideas put forward included an interactive table of elements. We largely came to the HackCWRU to learn, so we settled on a project that would challenge us: an Android app. None of us had developed for Android before, and just setting up the right software proved to be a challenge.

Our target user for the hack as it is is Case Students, but it could be useful for students elsewhere, for teachers, and for just about anybody who wants to remember to put their phone on vibrate when they go somewhere, whether that's work or a movie theater.

In its current state, the app works. Currently, the only built-in alert is for Nord, though a add location feature allows the user to add a location to the list. The phone will vibrate and a dialog will pop up when the user is within 30 meters of the longitude and latitude defined for the building according to Android's location services. If the user selects cancel, they will not be alerted again until they move 30 meters away from the location where they choose to cancel. If the phone is already on vibrate or silent, they won't be alerted at all.

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