OnTime is a smart reminder application used to remind user and easing user to send response message to related buddy from their Gear device through ChatON API service. A new OnTime version has additional features which allow user to control Wemo switch and retrieving data from Wemo Sensor to trigger an automatic alarm reminder.

New OnTime app gives various range of reminder settings :

1 ) First, full reminder setting including alarm setting, device setting and messaging setting. Utilizing the full range of OnTime features will turn this reminder to be a smart reminder,

2) Second, users can have alarm setting and messaging setting. If they don't have the Wemo switch and sensor.

3) Third, if users prefer to have basic reminder. They can easily configure the alarm setting only.

Similar to previous version, new OnTime app is an integrated Gear application, consist of two parts: host-side OnTime provider and OnTime consumer. OnTime provider run on Android platform developed for setting alarm, devices and messaging.

User can create one time reminder, or whether to choose daily or weekly basis reminder, setting the reminder time, input the preset device, input the reminder message, and select reminder's ringtone and vibration style. After setting process completed, user can sync the setting data to Gear device by pushing a single sync button. Wait until the reminder triggered. Once the reminder triggered, user can dismiss the alarm, select device to control and send preset message to ChatON. For sensor alarm reminder no setting is required since it can be triggered automatically once the sensor is activated.

New OnTime version implementing responsive UI mechanism and thus support various screen resolution devices including new Gear S screen resolution.

In this new version, we have demonstrate the usability of reminders along with ChatON messaging system, sensor and device control.This will help us for achieving our objective to turn a conventional reminder to a unique smart reminder.


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