While walking from our hotel to the Yelp 10 Year Anniversary Gold Soiree party at Yelp HQ in 2014, my friend John H. pitched this idea to me as a "missing feature" of the Yelp app. I've been tinkering with the code on and off since then, but decided to finally complete it for this hackathon. Sorry it took so long John!

What it does

Search for businesses en route to your destination with an intentionally clean, minimal interface.

How I built it

HTML/CSS/jQuery/JQM/JavaScript in the front, PHP in the back.

Challenges I ran into

The code to break down and equally divide the Google map route was probably the most challenging part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to have developed a tool that fills a need that I've had for a long time! Hopefully it helps others too.

What I learned

Lots of fun little tidbits which have enhanced my PHP, jQuery, and JQM.

What's next for onrute

There's a few other minor features/enhancements that I have in mind that I'd like to add. However, I'm trying to keep it clean and simple, and resist the temptation to add unnecessary features that just bloat the project and make it confusing to use like other similar apps out there.

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