A prevalent issue in a student's life is successful time management. With a rapidly developing world, time management is a skill required to achieve success and balance in life especially with work. Therefore, to ensure that students are ready for real world speed and experiences, our team has decided to develop OnPoint✔ that will generate weekly schedules, for individuals of all ages, to allow students to easily undertake responsibility.

What it does

OnPoint✔ will take in student responses of course titles, the days on which the student has that particular course, and course start / end timing to return a schedule based on this inputted data. OnPoint✔ also takes in extra-curricular activities based on their school and places these into the schedule. The student can also add daily chores, or daily family time, to the schedule, by clicking the "Add Events" option.

How we built it

We built this OnPoint✔ with the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few problems in terms of retrieving data from the local host and storing this data in the schedule, however, with time, we overcame this challenge. We also are having trouble working with activity data, and hope to improve the functionality in later versions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that within such a short time we are able to deliver a properly functioning web application to the students, that will allow any student to get a start on the most important skill of his/ her life: time-management.

What we learned

At the start of this project, we were new to the languages used, precisely: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, after long hours of research and development, we can confidently say that we have learned three new languages, and understand the flow of websites and web data.

What's next for OnPoint✔

Next for our OnPoint✔ is generating various schedule options for students so that they can choose their most convenient and personalized schedule. We also plan to add a feature in which students can select their favorite schedule out of many unique templates, and edit this schedule as needed. Through this application, we hope to offer students more opportunities to take control of their busy educational journey and become more accountable. Hopefully, this application will also make it less stressful for students while increasing their passion for learning!

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