What it does

The bot books appointments for the patients and each process is based on the Drchrono API

How I built it

We used the DialogFlow ES platform. We used the Firebase Cloud Functions for the Fulfillments. We used the Drchrono API for processing the requests.

Challenges I ran into

OnPatient API The OnPatient API doesn’t provide access to writing data. The bot is designed for patients and we couldn’t use the OnPatient API. So, for the demonstration purpose we have used DrChrono API to create appointments. Issue with OnPatient API Oauth The onPatient API Oauth request was having issues and we asked the Drchrono developers group for help but the issue was not resolved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I learned a lot about how an EHR works and how it handles all the data.

What's next for OnPatient Bot

Make patients reschedule appointments Allow patients to make payments. Allow patients to send messages to doctors.

Built With

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