Our Idea

We are aiming to create an online platform where the psychiatrists will get in touch with patients suffering from COVID-19 by doing online GROUP THERAPIES.

Problem we are solving

Due to the outbreak that has happened nowadays a large number of people are having mental and psychological problems. As this Corona situation continues the conditions get worse and they could not go to the psychiatrists to seek help and continue their treatment. If the patients keep having the psychological problems, during and after the pandemic, it will be a complete catastrophe for the whole world. So psychiatrists will face bankruptcy by losing their customers. Currently, psychiatrists are having problems with finding customers in this difficult situation.

The solution we are going to build

The solution that we will provide, will benefit both the psychiatrists and the patients. We aim to create a website which will link psychiatrists with the patients who are suffering from COVID-19 and different psychological problems. The psychiatrists will make teleconferences with the group of patients to ensure GROUP THERAPY sessions. The purpose of the sessions will be to help patients to remember that they are not alone in this situation.

The psychiatrists who will want to work from a remote environment will also have a chance to promote themselves all around Europe and also will have an opportunity to help thousands of people. Psychiatrists work 48 hours per week so they are going to have some extra time to work on the platform as their second job if they want.

According to data given in 2014 slightly less than 3 out of every 100 people in the US were treated for depression. This compares to about 2 per 100 in 1997. The current ratio of psychiatrists around the world is 16 to 100,000. 8.7 million patients are getting treatment from the psychiatrists. Estimated market value is 770 million dollar. It means there is a huge amount of increase in this market. Unfortunately due to the cause of the COVID-19 many people could not get any treatment which also led to a decrease in the job rate of the psychiatrists by %78. In this present situation the number of users we will have will benefit our market. Also as we predict the estimated market value will increase each year by %10.

The psychiatrists who want to work with people all around Europe will need to sign a subscription on our platform. Subscriptions are going to be our profit. It means our income will be gained through psychiatrists. On the other hand, psychiatrists' income will be gained through patients. In addition, the global average price for a session is approximately 60$ to 120$. Through our platform the cost will decrease half of the price. The customers will get help at a cheaper price which will profit both sides.

The platform contains two types of subscription. First one will be the ones who want to work as a part-time job and the second type will be a full-time job. There will be levels that will indicate the amount of income that psychiatrists will get according to the rate of the patients that they will treat. If the patient is enrolled full time, their income will be higher.

What impact will it have?

The impact will have a lot of influence on people that need treatment from home. It will help people to empathise with each other during the group therapy sessions and it will help them to understand that everybody is together in difficult situations. Furthermore, it will help psychiatrists to find jobs easier. Basically psychiatrists will be able to help 30,000 patients around Europe.

As an example England is one of the countries that include a lot of lonely people. Together with this platform we will be able to help countries like England to overcome this loneliness. Moreover our platform will make people get well again to remind them that they are not alone in this crisis.

How we built it

During these 2 days we were able to create a functioning DEMO website while using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SCSS.

The application and the website consists these sections below:

The psychiatrists will get in touch with patients via using online platforms such as jitsy and etc. Furthermore, for the reliability the psychiatrists will be scored and evaluated from the patients which will be displayed in their profile.

The patients will be able to choose their physiologist and the physiologist will not be able to see their data for personal security. We understand the importance of targeted communications, imaginative ideas and strong media contacts. Our focus is on achieving maximum impact and long term benefits for our clients through effective PR. We will use DDPR to ensure security to our patients.

The collected data will be linked with the power of artificial intelligence that will match the patients from different countries with the same problems. Moreover, artificial intelligence will give blog article suggestions to the patients similar challenges that they have experienced. They will also be able to post blog articles where they will explain how they overcame different challenges in order to inspire others. And the people will also post articles that are infected from COVID-19 and they will share their healing experience also.

What's next for OnTherapy

OnTheraphy is looking forward to real life implementation to reach hundreds of patients and psychologists for the better tomorrows.

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