After missing few game changing moments during IPL and statuses from friends, sharing those highlights, I realised that live excitement is very real. Because anything can happen. We're busy and can't allot time for the full game many times. I think it was super-exciting from beginning.

How to create your first reminder?

  • Open telegram. Find @onlyiplbot and hit /start
  • Chose options in typeform link we sent and done.
  • Done. You're all set

Additionally you can,

  • Type /live to see live score or upcoming matches
  • Type /all to see all reminders you've created
  • Type /delete to delete your all reminders and everything else (;

What it does

Create custom reminders with few simple clicks. You can create things like.. (Remind me only when...)

  • MS Dhoni arrives -> It's Super-Over -> clash b/w fav rivals -> Batsman hits 80+ runs Or even combine things to make things like...
  • When Rohit Sharma hits half century chasing 187 against CSK (Rohit Sharma is playing and batsman score is 50 and target is between 180 and 200 and team playing is CSK)

Major Challenges I ran into

  • Typeform : Never ending forms? 50+ Logic Jumps and you won't even notice.
  • Telegram : Hit /live and you get score twice or thrice. Weird right? I made sure only single script is running. And also made sure that it doesn't stop. (Orchestration workflow)
  • : Easy with drag & drop for most part but responsiveness, graphic elements and micro-design changes aren't small task and requires time and effort

But biggest challenge was:

  • Live score
  • I needed to fetch live score and it was perfectly running fine locally, then I ran same code in aws-lightsail ubuntu instance -> which throwed 403 exception -> Sent request with specific headers -> tried selenium -> few sample codes of privoxy & sock5 -> No Luck [Desclaimer: didn't have raspberry pi setup currently :( ]
  • Going nowhere so I decided to make sure that it runs all the time on my laptop with repeating cycle
  • $python & [& in the last runs process in background. cool. isn't it?] -> But stops when terminal closed/stopped/quit etc -> nohup (Amazing command!!! <3 ) -> Stops when computer sleeps/shutdown -> aws Lightsail (Ubuntu) check's last status update for match -> And, instant notification if things go south!

Behind the scenes: [ When Rohit Sharma hits half century chasing 187 against CSK, It works and reminds me but How?] [Linear Scalability <3 ]

  • Conditional statements with AND statement
  • Millions of possible reminders, but for specific point of the game there are only around little over thousand possible events. [Ex, (team can bat, player can bat, target, score, wickets) are unique value for specific time]
  • Program calculates all permutation and send message for each of those

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Solved a unique problem that nobody ever address with very minimalistic approach
  • Completely function website and telegram bot
  • Multiple telegram bot to function smoothly behind the scenes

What's next for onlyIPL - Custom IPL (Cricket) Reminder

  • Improved Statistics [% of active user, features that user like most, fav teams, Advanced suggestions]
  • Alert management [Failed APIs, rate-limit user based on reminders, automations]
  • Integrate with SMS/Whatsapp (Both requires budget and some extra planning)
  • Integration with Alexa/ Google/ Siri to create reminders in few seconds
  • Expand to other Games (e.g, I love Liverpool. Also love watching Messi and Ronaldo with specific constraints)

ALERT: Although judging period is between 5 to 7 PM, have a look during live IPL match (between 7 - 11 AM PDT) to experience/try all features. I made video in hurry so if you're still reading this after hackathon, please visit for more details :)

Possibilities are endless. I am very excited for feedback, suggestions and all awesome reminders you create with this. If you enjoyed this, Please Hit like button and stay tuned for updates!!

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posted an update

Few things to keep in mind

  • links are banned by major ISPs because of bots and spams. Just search for onlyiplbot on telegram app itself.
  • pagerduty app didn't capture my mobile screen (which is awesome) but ruined my demo :D

  • if you still have any doubts, feel free to ping me at @youruniqueid

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