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Meow! How could I not make OnlyCats when cats are so cute?! I often volunteer at a cat shelter, but when I found out that on the Saturday of Hydrangea Hacks, I had to volunteer for the cats. I thought I wouldn't be able to participate in the hackathon. However, I thought of a big brain idea to combine volunteering at cat shelters and the hackathon.

And I thought of OnlyCats...

We have all heard of OnlyFans, but OnlyCats is a much more wholesome and cute take on it. At the moment, there are 3 cats on it: Poe, Lexi, and Trent. Each Cat has a very unique personality. From Cute Pics to chatting with the cats, OnlyCats is filled with ways to interact with the cats, and all profits made from this app goes back to the cat shelter.

You can get cute pics, feet pics :0, cute videos, chat with the cat, and an augmented reality session with the cat.

Cute Pics & Feet Pics

You can purchase cute and feet pics of the cats and also download the pictures.

Cute Videos

You can see Videos of the Cat.

Chat with the Cat

You can communicate with the Cat. This is a machine learning built chatbot. It was built using DialogFlow and Kommunicate. Each cat has its very own chatbot made after them. Each cat (chatbot) has a specific interest, and if you ask the Cat questions about its interest, it'll respond to your question! Pretty cool, right??

AR with the Cat

You can also view and interact with the cat through Augmented Reality. This was built using SceneKit and ARKit on Swift. The models were made from blender. Each model reflects how the Cat looks in real life. You can tap on the AR screen to place a cat and can place as many as you want!

How we built it

OnlyCats was built on Xcode.

Theme Relation

The theme for Hydrangea Hacks was Diversity and Inclusion. I believe the inclusiveness of animals are equally important if not more important Inclusion of People. So many cats are in need of a loving home and in order for us to improve humanity we need to help cats as well. OnlyCats is a funny, wholesome app for humans, but it is also an app that can save thousands of cats and bring a warm smile to a cat like Poe or Lexi or Trent.

Challenges we ran into

It was my first time every working with chatbots. It was really hard at first because there wasn't many examples and documentation behind. However, I was able to logically think through and find solutions to create the cat chatbots!

I also was never successful in getting blender models into an iOS AR Scene because of the different file types needed. However, this time I was able to successfully get the AR working with detailed 3d models, and I am very happy about it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I was able to kinda finish the app. Of course, no app is perfect, and mine is still filled with bugs, but the fact that I was able to make a workable app in 41 hours is mind-blowing to me. From working with technologies that I have never touched to improving on skills I already have, I truly have learned so much this weekend!

What's next for OnlyCats

I hope to upload this to the App Store so that it can reach new people. I am also hoping to get many more cats, so that there is a large selection of cats to hang around with!

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