In the highly digitalized society we live in today, there has been a sharp increase in the number of influencers worldwide, especially when posting content is as simple as posting content on YouTube.

However, the myriad of content on the internet has made it difficult for influencers to retain followers and this has resulted in influencers dropping from fame as quickly as they had risen. In addition, a large amount of influencers also strive to attract followers with high engagement to their content, as this would allow them to net advertisements and marketing contracts, where the real money lies.

Our group aims to fill up the gaps that other platforms lack, namely an inexpensive reward system for influencers to implement a loyalty program. The application that we have designed has the following distinguishing factors: 1) Fast : Influencers can reward users from the tap of a button, allowing rewards to be disseminated quickly and efficiently. 2) Fair: The robust authentication system will be able to restrict access to exclusive content from the influencer, save those that are recognized by the influencer as loyal fans .
3) Far-reaching: Our application will be able to reach all corners of the world, allowing the influencer to reward fans no matter where they live in.

While onlyAuth draws inspiration from subscription-based platforms for creators, like Patreon, onlyFans and video streaming platforms like YouTube, it is fundamentally different as onlyAuth is a platform for influencers to reward their followers for their loyalty. onlyAuth does not place content behind a paywall, rather, it rewards followers for what truly matters: their precious time spent in being engaged by the content from the influencers. We strive to attract not only rich followers, but also those who are quietly but consistently supporting influencers.

What it does

onlyAuth provides a blockchain platform for influencers/creators to onboard into the Web3 space to create and share content to their subscribers. They would be able to:

  • Create their own Web3 profile and content page
  • Upload content to their page through the use of IPFS
  • Sell subscription to users in the form of NFT subscription tokens
  • Receive donations from users in the form of coins/tokens
  • Exclusive content/page access through the use of tokens

Essentially, when a user subscribes to an influencer or creator, he or she would mint an access token in the process. This token would allow the user to access exclusive-only content on the creator's page. This would be a fast, fair and far-reaching way for influencers to connect and reward turly loyal followers in a decentralized manner, thus incresing their online presence through the Web3 space.

How we built it

  • The front-end is built with Next.js and styled with Tailwind.css.
  • The smart contract development was developed in Solidity and the main libraries used are from Open-zeppelin.
  • Media content or images are uploaded to IPFS via Pianta.
  • Lastly, for the integration of smart contracts with the front-end, we used wagmi for quick integration of node providers and wallets and ethers.js to allow interaction with the blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

Ensuring the frontend and the smart contract integration runs smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite coming from mixed backgrounds and differing schedules, we manage to learn from each other and ensure the success of this project.

What we learned

We learned different development tools in building a web3 project. Our younger developers learnt a lot from the senior developers, from writing solidity smart contract to collaboration on github and git version control.

What's next for OnlyAuth

Moving forward, we aim to transform this proof of concept into an actual platform which brings about full functionalities for its users.

Functionalities include:

  • Central contract to onboard influencers. Upon registering, a new instance of their profile/site would be automatically created
  • Media content upload function (IPFS) for influencers to display content on their site
  • Donation to the influencer in forms of different coins or tokens
  • Explore other forms of subscription, like a time-based subscription, instead of a one-time purchase subscription.

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