We like video games and wanted to do our first attempt in coding. After the workshop with the hackclub, we were inspired to do use html,Javascript and CSS for our project. Even if we had never used them before.

What it does

The dodge game is Obama avoiding the terrible threats made from Donald Trump himself. The Donald is raining down from the roof of the white house. Obama desperately attempts to stay alive. The platformed game is like flappy bird with a TWIST. Kim Jong Un represents the obstacles.Trump is our lord and savior from the bad wolf Kimmy. These games represent two of the many political views of America. One who hates Trump. And one who is ignorant.

How I built it

So we followed the tutorials from Hackclub workshop. We added the images and some tweaks to the program so it catered to our creativity.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to move the background image in the canvas (created with Javascript) was an extremely tough challenge: in fact, for time issues we haven't been able to solve the problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create something from scratch that we absolutely no prior knowledge of. And looking the add-ons to our game from searching google was a delight.

What I learned

We learned the basics of HTML, JAVAscript, and CSS.

What's next for The ONE AND ONLY

D. Trump for 2020

Built With

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