An App that educates people on the facts, teaches people to use condoms, get tested and treated for HIV and STDs.

Audience The intended audience for this App is for young teenagers and young adults. A secondary potential audience is anyone who likes to place short games to pass the time. The Experience The player will be put into a world where they are a robot and they’re goal is to gather computer memory to move onto the next level. The player will answer questions, get tested for viruses, talk to other robots about viruses and use protection chips when engaging in data transfers. They can also get treated if the player gets a virus.

The levels are endless and the game can go on as long as the player wants. At the end of each level they receive points and can record a high score. If they are unable to complete a level within the time limit, its game over.

How it will be used The game is simple and can easily be downloaded from the App store. After the player downloads the game they can get right into it without needing to make an account or set up their robot.

Features The game is easy to learn and ready to go. Players can learn the facts while having fun. It’s not just an educational game but also a game against the clock. They don’t have to know everything or anything at all about HIVs or STDs to start playing.

The game is small and simple. It allows anyone to be able to start playing the game and not have to worry about controls or what to do.

There is a high score keeper and also easy to read rules about the controls.

Required licenses and 3rd party middleware to publish the game Unity3D game engine Xcode for the Mac Mono Develop Enrolled in IOS developer program An iPhone 5 or higher to play it and test it on

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