The inspiration behind our project stemmed from the need to streamline web development and staging processes for efficient project success. We were motivated by the challenges developers face when setting up testing, development, and staging environments, which often involve complex configurations and time-consuming tasks. Our goal was to simplify and automate these processes, allowing developers to focus on building and deploying their applications quickly and seamlessly.

What it does

Our project, powered by Bunnyshell, provides a comprehensive solution for testing, development, and staging environments. With the help of Docker and docker-compose, we created separate components for both the frontend and backend, allowing for modular and efficient development and testing. By leveraging Bunnyshell's Terraform template feature, we seamlessly deployed our environment to AWS for staging purposes. This enabled us to deploy the static site and conduct acceptance tests effortlessly.

Architecture Diagram

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How we built it

To build our project, we utilized Docker and docker-compose to orchestrate the containers for frontend and backend development. We wrote a docker-compose.yaml file to establish the necessary connections and expose the site on HTTPS for secure access during the development phase. For staging, we took advantage of Bunnyshell's Terraform template feature, which allowed us to deploy our environment to AWS with ease. By combining these technologies and leveraging Bunnyshell's platform, we were able to create a streamlined workflow for testing, development, and staging.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the development process, we encountered various challenges that required innovative solutions and problem-solving skills. One of the challenges was setting up the separate components for frontend and backend testing in the Docker environment. We had to carefully configure the docker-compose.yaml file to ensure the proper interaction between the components. Additionally, deploying the environment to AWS using Bunnyshell's Terraform template required thorough understanding and configuration of the template to meet our project's requirements. Overcoming these challenges involved extensive testing, troubleshooting, and collaboration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of several accomplishments in the development of our project. Firstly, successfully creating separate components for frontend and backend testing allowed for efficient and modular development. This approach enhanced our productivity and enabled us to identify and fix issues more effectively. Additionally, deploying the environment to AWS using Bunnyshell's Terraform template was a significant achievement. It simplified the deployment process and provided us with a scalable and secure staging environment. Overall, these accomplishments contributed to a streamlined and efficient development and staging workflow.

What we learned

Throughout the development process, we gained valuable insights and learning experiences. We learned the importance of using Docker and docker-compose to create modular and scalable development environments. Additionally, we expanded our knowledge of Terraform and how it can simplify the deployment process, particularly when integrated with Bunnyshell's platform. We also learned the significance of effective collaboration and problem-solving in overcoming technical challenges. These learnings will undoubtedly enhance our future projects and development workflows.

What's next for OnlineSafetyGame

Looking ahead, we have several plans to further enhance the OnlineSafetyGame project. We aim to incorporate more advanced features and functionality, such as user authentication and personalized profiles. We also plan to expand the game's content and scenarios, covering a broader range of online safety topics. Additionally, we will gather user feedback and conduct thorough testing to identify any improvements and refinements needed. Our goal is to continuously evolve and improve the OnlineSafetyGame, making it an engaging and educational platform for users to learn and practice online safety.

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