While millions of people are in isolation, medical staff are fighting face-to-face at Covid-19. Medical staffs is fighting for other families to live in a safe environment in the future. Higher prices for speculators, black market, and low-quality goods are factors that affect the ability of medical institutions to purchase and provide protection for medical staff. TeihCram is designed to promote a safe environment for medical professionals.

What it does

TeihCram is an e-commerce system network between the manufacturer and the medical institution, providing transparent information to selected and high-quality medical equipment manufacturers. TeihCram platforms provide factory production process accounting and instant exchange of information with medical institutions about the available stock. By combining the needs of buyers and sellers, TeihCram influences process quality and saves time.

How I built it

This app is built with Javascript and supported by AWS services. The UI is built with React and we also have plans for a mobile version build with React-native. The Backbone is compromised of Lambda (Serverless) running NodeJS and the data will be persisted in DynamoDb.The database will later be extended to PostgreSQL and Redis for analytics and faster loading of products. We are trying to keep the tech stack as narrow as possible so it Is easy to acquire developers that can join the project and be hands-on immediately.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have applied for participation in the accelerator program. In the pre-seed stage, we have found potential manufacturers and medical institutions that want to be users of the TeihCram platform. The founder of TeihCram is proud of his teammates who have believed in the vision of TeihCram.

What's next for TeihCram?

We will continue to build TeihCram!

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