We wanted to edit videos on the fly without having to download clunky and heavy software, so we decided to create video-editing software online.

What it does

By taking Youtube videos that already exist on the internet, we can concatenate, stack, and create transitions for a new video with ease, and add background audio tracks from other Youtube videos. By combining a simple user interface with a free-to-use website, Online Video Editor allows the user to create new videos almost-instantly without the hassle of downloading heavy or expensive software.

How we built it

For the user interface, we used a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create our simplistic, material design. All of the UI elements are intuitive and friendly, inviting the user to commence creating a new work of art for distribution. Take the following video, which was created in a matter of minutes, as an indicator of how easy it is to create new videos:

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out a backend to relay information from the user interface to a Python script, creating a video-editor software using just HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an intuitive video-editing software that requires neither money nor storage for the client, and creating high-quality videos using moviepy and python alone.

What we learned

Python scripting skills, Node.js skills, and we gained respect for the creators of thorough and intuitive video-editing software.

What's next for Online Video Editor

More video-editing functions for even more elaborate creations, a more dynamic user interface, as well as download integration.

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