We love to travel. But having ourselves manage all our traveling needs on different services is a lot of work. Traveling is still considered a luxury for many. We believe that travel costs can be estimated down to tens of dollars for digital-enough countries. All we need is a visual planner that can help us plan better and estimate our costs to the tenth.

What it does

We built a service where all a user has to input is destination and time (optionally this can also be intelligently suggested). Once it knows when and where you want to go, it visualizes and plans the trip for you: the flights (by getting quotes from Skyscanner), the Airbnb (by narrowing down the AirBnBs that are closer to your destinations, with a minimum preferred rating and a nice enough review), the Uber (books what you like to ride), your events (pulls up the type of events you'll like), the dinner reservation. Once booked: it'll show a complete map of a user's whole travel itinerary (and the path) using a map service, and show a very close estimate.

And the best part: it does it all for you!

  • It pulls out your tickets automatically when you need them.
  • Books your Uber when you land at the airport.
  • For public transport: pulls up directions on Google Maps with the destination automatically.

How we built it

Express.js with Node.js is used to develop and serve the backend logic. It developed and uses Google's Direction API, Google Places API, Google Place Autocomplete API. The frontend is developed in React.js. has used the public web address and google cloud services was used for hosting the website.

Challenges we ran into

  • Team building
  • Tech stack selection
  • Time Constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

SLEEP IS IMPORTANT Efficient planning and what to be shipped for an MVP has to be clearly decided. Importance of a robust project architecture

What's next for online travel agent

Additional features can include:

  1. ability to compare friends' schedule to allow meeting (or it can tell the friends/colleagues that a friend/colleague is coming)
  2. books the event tickets you planned to attend as per the timings that best suits you;
  3. confirms the dinner reservations with your friends/colleagues for you;
  4. if your flight is delayed: it suggests everything that can still be changed and does it for you - all of it (with just a confirmation tap within the app).
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