My wife is a teacher, she is trying to deal with 80+ locked-up teenagers with google meet, it's a mess.

What it does

Some hacks to virtualize web-cam devices, pulseaudio with linux to stream videos/audio with better quality than "simple presentation-with-webcam". Google meet, skype, zoom, or any meeting software can be presented using OBS studio with better control, quality and live-features.

Google meet api fixes like grid view, mute all, mute by group, kick user.

How I built it

Lots of hacks and workarounds linux-client-side (for teacher), chrome api to control students.

Challenges I ran into

v4l2loop devices, ffmpeg, kernel modules, network problems

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Almost evertything working flawlessly, the video/audio quality is much better.

What I learned

The world educational system is not prepared to teenager home schooling.

What's next for Online teenagers classrooms

Features to organize groups inside a Google meet session.

Built With

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