We were inspired by Uber when creating Online Mentoring. Similar to how users call Uber for a ride to their destination and an experienced driver shows up, Online Mentoring is where users can select what they want to learn, and an experienced teacher with help them. Also, it allows users who were affected by the pandemic, where they can receive a quality education in areas of struggle online.

What it does

Online Mentoring allows a user to select their desired mentor in Math, English, Science, Programming, World Language, and History. A user can view different mentors and decide which specific mentor can help them in a branch of these subjects. The user can then schedule a meeting with a mentor, selecting a date and time the mentor is available. The user is also given options to add another time or make the appointment reoccurring. Once selecting the desired options and giving their information, the mentor will receive an email regarding the appointment, where the user and mentor can then schedule how to meet.

How we built it

We built the website using Squarespace, a free website builder to sell or advertise products. We used various templates to construct different pages for each of the different subjects, our home and contact page, and our scheduling tab.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into are where/how to make our website and how to make a proper scheduling tab. There are many places to make a website, but Squarespace offers easy accessibility and a quick way to build a successful website. We also struggled with how to make a scheduling tab that can book appointments and send emails to the mentors. We overcame this challenge by viewing other websites and seeing how we can incorporate a scheduling tab similar to theirs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of overcoming the challenges we faced and creating a website that can help users learn effectively online. Online learning was a new and difficult experience for everyone, so creating a website that makes it simple and effective can help change our community positively.

What we learned

We learned how to build a website using Squarespace and the importance of websites in communicating information. Websites are important in everyday life and can transform our lives.

What's next for Online Mentoring

Online Mentoring can be made to add new subjects and specialize in more areas. We can also add resources that are helpful for all ages, as well as a chat forum where users can ask questions, and mentors or other users can answer those questions. We can also add a rate the instructor section to improve the quality of the education.

Password for website: breadandbutter

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