Today's local shops have a very difficult time Giant online stores steal customers via e-commerce The step to an online store is time and cost-efficient. The Platforms want to earn money with every order.

We want to provide a platform built by a community.- for the community. A decentral application. where everyone can join - without any costs.

With technologies like IOTA, further development of the Blockchain, we are able to provide a complete free to use platform. You don't have to pay fees for the payments and micropayments are possible.

In the future. it's also possible to sell data on this marketplace.

What it does

The application lives in the browser and connects to the IOTA Tangle - and distributed ledger. All information is stored In this decentral infrastructure and can be fetched from anywhere.

So the user can create new stores and visit other stores - and use the existing data infrastructure.

It's also possible to establish a peer to peer connection to chat with customers or friends via text or video.

How I built it

The marketplace application is built on Vuejs and connected to an IOTA IRI node. The communication and data transport is done via MAM - Masked authenticated Messaging. This allows, that only the shop owner can update the shop information in the distributed ledger.

IOTA is built for the internet of things and the machine economy. Because of many thousands of IoT devices, this has to be scalable and fast. This is also a nice backbone for human applications - like a marketplace or messengers.

Challenges I ran into

The distributed ledger technologies are a very young technologies. good documentation and production-ready systems are not available. So it's a pioneering exercise - try and error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did build a proof of concept with a decentral marketplace and a peer2peer messanger.

What I learned

Many people want to build a marketplace - but not many see the future possibilities. They just want to build the next centralized Marketplace like Amazon.

What's next for Online Marketplace Application

  • Create a much better usability
  • Build a delivery application
  • Get some new team members.

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