I realized how much people have been going through right now, so I thought that I could create a website that has information about the different diseases, and help them diagnose disease earlier.

What it does

There is information about different diseases and its symptoms. There is also a form that you can fill out indicating the symptoms, and the Online Health helper will make diagnosis and provide recommendation.

How I built it

I brainstormed my ideas on a scratch paper, and I formed it into a website-style.

Challenges I ran into

I struggled with creating the form. I am normally used to only putting around 2 options in there, so there was a lot of errors. But I managed to fix it, while persevering. I also have to find the different diseases that are out there and the symptoms - this was also challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of creating an embedded form using JS, that tells you what you have and what to do, just by the symptoms that you would have.

What I learned

I learned more JS, and how to come up with the final answer, and put it in Code-format.

What's next for Online Health Helper

I am planning to make it more advanced. I will be adding information about more diseases, and making the form more user-friendly, helping with coming up with good recommendations, early diagnosis of more diseases, etc. And maybe even having a help station.

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