The problem your project solves

Before COVID-19 it was hard to find good organic products for a fair price. Big stores are putting high prices on bio products making them something that a lot of people cannot afford. At the same time, it is almost impossible to find small producers if you don't know them beforehand. One exception to this were the farmer's markets. Soon after the pandemic came, the latest were closed which made us think for alternatives. This is how the idea for an Online Farmer's Market was born.

The solution you bring to the table

Online Farmers is a platform that provides the tools for farmers to sell their products online and establish communication with people that want to buy these products.

For Farmers this is a tool for managing their products online and therefore reaching more customers and making their business more profitable.

-> Be reachable

-> Make money (when selling)

For Customers this is a place for transparent look at the farmers products, and at the same time a cheaper alternative to the big supermarkets.

-> Know what you buy (transparent producer's ratings)

-> Save money (when buying directly from producers)

What you have done during the weekend

We are proud that for the 2 days we had, we have created a working prototype, talked with couple of farmers and got into their facebook groups. We understood there is a real need for such a platform. We talked with a Pitch Coach to give us advice on our video and learned some new things there too. We managed to start making our idea real!

The solution’s impact to the crisis

During COVID-19, we also need to take care of small businesses that will have their hardest times. Online Farmers seems like a solution to one specific target group but actually it affects all of us that need to buy healthy food every day and prefer to do it in the currently safe online way.

The necessities in order to continue the project

Because of the experience we both have in big scalable platforms we are pretty convinced that there is at least one part where we feel experts.

Teodora Petkova: 4 years of software experience with e-commerce platforms. Currently working on Lidl Digital's online shops.

Bozhidar Grgorov: 5 years of software experience in fintech and payment processing

Anyway, in order to continue our product, we would for sure need to gain more marketing and business strategy knowledge.

The value of your solution after the crisis

What's good for our product is that people are giving more and more attention to healthy eating. At the same time, the world is digitalizing itself. Moreover, for people it is valuable to see other people's recommendations before making their choice. Therefore, we assume that we could take many directions once we meet our target groups face to face.

The URL to the pitchvideo

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