Equal computing education opportunity

What it does

Recommend beginner friendly online CS course to students who have little exposure to the field

How we built it

Back end: A web scraper to collect information and a machine learning model to select those beginner friendly ones and put them into our course reservoir. Front end: A web interface that will take user's information and make recommendations based on his/her needs.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to build from scratch to create the web scraper and the web interface. For the machine learning model we needed to build our own database (although it was a small scaled).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A functioning web scraper, a working machine learning model, and a neat, nice web interface.

What we learned

How to come up with ideas in a short period of time. How to build things from scratch and makes it work. How to work as a team. How to give better presentations.

What's next for Online CS Course Recommendation System

Larger database to train a smarter model. Better algorithm for classifying. More powerful web scraper. Better web interface.

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