Using the internet, teachers can reach out to students across the world. The right online platform with active users worldwide who might be opting for the course will be the complement to the teacher. An online platform allows the teachers to get actionable insights about the courses, classes, and content delivery. The teachers can get deep insights about the student such as content consumed by each student, live classes attended, and percentage of course completed. Based on this information, she/he can refine their course content. Server security, encryption types, and other technologies to keep the data safe on online platforms. The versatility like polls, quizzes, and other interactive elements encourage the students to learn online. Tablets and mobile phones are transforming to access content and stay connected.

What it does

   It is meant for the delivery of the educational content to students. So, the platform is in high demand in schools and universities across the globe. We can highlight the features that must be present in the learning platform. Those are,

  1. Virtual Classroom - Virtual classroom has a feature such as a whiteboard, two-way writing control, and live class recording that enables the synchronous or instructor-led class.
  2. Easy to use Interface - Instructors and Learners should be able to navigate through the app easily. so, the teachers can get the idea of ebooks and online content delivery platforms in the classroom.
  3. Offline Reading: Content must also be accessible offline so that the students would download the content and read it later.
  4. Interactive Elements - the innovative tools allow the students to make notes and share with teachers, bookmark information, highlight text and search for information, etc.,
  5. Assessment Tools - Teachers will be able to review the assessment and provide feedback online by quizzes, multiple-choice questions, etc.,
  6. Analytics - It helps to measure the effectiveness of learning and teaching so that the teachers get actionable information.
  7. Dashboards - Learning Dashboards can offer both students and teachers a better way to visualize progress through the mix of reports and assessments.

How I built it

I have fully utilized the Corvid and Wix features for building this website. I have a prototype for this application and split the features into tasks. Wix has good documentation for all the features and functionality. So, I have been working on completing the tasks easily.

Challenges I ran into

Wix has good features to use it for building the application. But, it takes time to load and save the work. Also, I need to learn more about the Wix specific features of backend and web modules functionality for applying to this project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have developed this product for students who are interested to learn online. So, I have accomplished for building the application to be beneficial for the instructors and students.

What I learned

I have learned the Corvid Wix features and functionality. Also, Wix has a good User Management editor. You can easily test using console.log functionality. I have learned many things that the compiler behaves for different user inputs.

What's next for Online Classes for Instructors and Learners

I have developed this project for instructors and students. So, based on their feedback and user input, the features and functionality of the project will be upgraded.

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