We were inspired by a combination of a gaming app, a social media app, and a dating app. These combinations allow for an anonymous, easy-to-use platform for students to talk amongst each other without judgement.

What it does

The app allows students to talk anonymously to each other based on a certain topic (without the biases of appearance or profiles), and if the conversation goes well over a short period of time, they can add each other each they both consent.

How we built it

We built the mobile app using React Native and Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was developing a matchmaking system that would connect 3 users together and send them to a real-time chatroom that had a time limit. Another challenge we ran into was getting the app to successfully work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have completed a relatively complex mobile app in the timespan of 24 hours. We also learned a TON about React Native and mobile app development.

What we learned

It was our first time using React Native, so we learned a lot about React Native and how it works with iOS and Android platforms. We also learned how to use Firebase for synchronous features, like a a chatroom synced by the same timer.

What's next for Onis

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