Most note taking software only allow for single plane note taking. This means that all notes are on the same level which allows for virtually no way of recognizing connections between notes and relationships on the hierarchy. Onion Notetaking solves this issue, by allowing notes to create instances of their own children notes and theirs to have their own instances of children and so on. This allows for clear and robust thought processes, step by step problem solving, and quick navigation via navigating hierarchy tree.

tree of markdown documents
each node in the tree is a markdown document
For problem solving I can branch out as far as I'd like, and it's connected. I used to have many .txt in a folder
The parent node is on the left, and the children nodes are on the right

fast, WAY FASTER than clickup

What it does

watch here :

ctrl + s to save
ctrl + d to delete selected

right click on right editor to move to right of tree
right click on left editor to move to left of tree
triple left click works too

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

how do I run backend client side ??>?!?! node: fs, etc vue is clientside, i don't want to send files by localhost to local server by POST

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

hmmmm, electron maybe isn't that slow

What's next for Onion Notetaking

save to cloud, mark subTree as completed
display fullTree to a left side-bar ?
hide toolbar when editor not focused


Built With

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