I got to talking with one of the participants at the pre-hackathon mixer and became intrigued about playing with commoditizing and regulating social reform. Twitter and Facebook have, unfortunately, commoditized social interaction in a sense, the Steam gaming community has commoditized gaming with its hugely expansive and current library, etc. I figured it's time to allow individuals to plot and strategize for themselves in a world where political leaders are irresponsibly pinning them between the walls!

What it does

It enters data based on three metrics, time, in years spent on your agenda, progress, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being complete, and expense, negative being in a revenue deficit from your campaign or journey or positive if you are generating profit, in tens of dollars.

How I built it

I loved the topological computation available through Wolfram Mathematica and Wolfram|One software, which really enabled me to see how an individual could relate their visual progress to the ideal progress of humanity, represented as a sphere whose surface area is in "progress-years-dollars per average generation globally".

Challenges I ran into

Working with the iOS SDK. There were all sorts of little nuances that kept me out of loop in terms of fast-forwarding my code, such as the selections in Xcode and the ever-changing integration of source files with iOS storyboards.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

When I ran my simulator to the point that the flow was smooth and desirable, I was pleased. Feeling in control of the simulator gave me a sense of direction in SDK development for iOS in the Swift Programming Language, something I was entirely new to prior to the hackathon. I possess the ability to learn things quickly, almost instantaneously. I hoped I put it to good use in enabling the average person with an iPhone to strategize effectively based on their self-appraised socio-economic ranking.

What I learned

To another person who was about to join me, my idea sounded like, in his words, an "acid trip". Individuals can have a lack of awareness of what works and what doesn't work in a team setting, myself included. Perhaps I was just nervous in pitching my idea! :)

What's next for OneWorld

It will remain a hobbyist project of mine for sometime and I hope individuals may benefit.

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