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The blockchain and crypto space notoriously has a lot of jargon and a high barrier of entry. There's a big need in the space for better tools that streamline the user experience. By making interfaces unintimidating and intuitive, it'll help onboard new users, help people manage their wealth, and save people time with distilled and curated investment info or news.

Problem Articulated

For blockchain and crypto assets, there are too many websites and services needed to calculate one's current portfolio worth-- it's information overload as someone tries to approximate the value of their portfolio on Etherscan, Opensea, and CoinGecko with all their cryptocurrencies and asset types. For example, on Etherscan, it doesn't show the value of all one's ERC-720 or 721 tokens; on Opensea, it doesn't show the total value of all one's assets in a wallet. This hassle is illustrated in the below screenshot.

Problem Displayed

For this reason, our project was created to lower the barrier to entry for crypto wealth management in a quick, easy, and free way. Within seconds, any person can use the "OneWalletWatcher" Discord bot to create wallet(s), calculate the total value of all one's assets within seconds, and generate personalized portfolio performance graphs. Just like popular finance apps like Robinhood and Webull have graphs that show the total performance of all one's holdings, "OneWalletWatcher" does that and more!

👩‍💻 OneWalletWatcher

What it does 🌟

Make portfolio analysis and asset valuations fast, free, and easy! Create new wallets, get your portfolio performance minute-to-minute, distill relevant investment info, curate blockchain and crypto news, and more-- all with an easy-to-use, unintimidating Discord bot.

See the feature list below (or watch the DevPost video to see it in action)!

Project Showcase

Project Showcase Cont.

Project Features

One can generate graphs of one's portfolio value minute-to-minute. Taking user input, this application can also create personalized graphs. For example, there are settings for portfolio value graph generation in USD or ETH or in dataset timeframes like in the last 60 minutes or last 10 minutes!

Generate Graphs

How we built it 🖥️

A person might download a chrome extensions like MetaMask to get started and make their first wallet but that doesn't show the value of one's non-fungible tokens. That person might go to Opensea and manually click on every single asset to find its average price the past 7 days, but this doesn't scale if a person collects more and more assets. That person might also visit Etherscan, CoinGecko, and CoinTelegraph for more information about their account, crypto news, and potential new investments.

This Discord bot uses info from ALL those mentioned sources via their APIs and web scrapers, distills it into an easy-to-read format, stores it on the Streamr decentralized network, analyzes big datasets to generates graphs, and easily shares relevant crypto/blockchain news to a user. With Streamr, OneWalletWatcher allows anyone to track their portfolio's performance minute-by-minute on a decentralized network for free.

Streamr Data

In design, this Discord bot is easy-to-use and unintimidating with a guided new user experience for people getting their first wallet. It also condenses and visualizes info-- lots of data is analyzed and summarized to highlight the important information from pulling from all sorts of APIs. It also hyperlinks out to sources and more information for convenience. Power users can access to the Streamr stream to further analyze huge datasets for trends with the minute-by-minute portfolio performance, while visual users can enjoy easy-to-understand graphs and relevant crypto news. In addition, this bot would be especially useful for DAOs and social token communities with treasuries. For example, a great use would be for this bot to post the treasury value and performance every day/week in the community Discord.


✔️ Final Thoughts

Challenges we ran into 🧠

This was our first time ever using Streamr. Because the Streamr Python SDK had been deprecated, we had to use the JS SDK. Both of us had very limited experience with Node and JS, and there were multiple times when packages and versions conflicted. However, we learned a lot, powered through, rolled back versions as necessary, and were able to create this Discord bot with lots of functionalities powered by both Python and NodeJS!

Accomplishments that we're proud of ✨

We picked up a new language and several new technology SDKs and APIs just for this project in a short time! We've learned so much and made something we're proud of with a real world usage case. The code is also commented and easily readable, so anyone can access it with this public GitHub repo and remix it as they like!


What we learned 🙌

We learned so much from picking up JS, learning a new decentralized network SDK, and integrating a variety of APIs together. Here are the Top 5 things we learned!

  • Node JS
  • Streamr SDK
  • Big Dataset Analysis and Visualization
  • How to Integrate and Interconnect the Opensea API, CoinGecko API, and Etherscan API
  • How to use Python and NodeJS together

What's next for OneWalletWatcher 🚀

Making OneWalletWatcher connect and be compatible with a variety of protocols would be amazing! For example, not just Ethereum-based assets but also Algorand ASAs so that absolutely anyone can track their total portfolio valuation easily and quickly across protocols.

Here are the 3 features we'd love to work on next!

  1. More Protocol and Chain Compatibility
  2. Candlestick Data Visualization
  3. Trend Dataset Analysis based on Portfolio Allocation and Performance

Additional Credits

Wallet Icon made by Freepik from Free for personal and commercial purpose with attribution. Thank you!

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