• First aid is a crucial skill that everyone should learn at some point, however, much of the general public do not know what a Heimlich maneuver is or how to treat an unconscious victim. We want to change that.
  • The internet only makes it harder as there’s even more information and medical jargon to sift through.
  • Youtube videos are bombarded with ad campaigns.
  • Today, hospitals are seeing the largest capacity shortage in the past 5 decades.

What it does

  • It is a self-care management application created for emergency situations in which patients are directed to the most resource-efficient course of action without compromising on safety

How I built it

(And Why VoiceFlow Helps Us)

  • Using Figma, we created animations and a user workflow. Our prototype is built using Bootstrap on HTML & CSS.
  • The app incorporates a wifi-enabled API to help contact emergency services without a cellular device.
  • Using NodeJS in our backend has given us room to build into server-side extensions allowing for a personal experience.
  • We used Voiceflow to create a prototype of how we would integrate voice control in the app. Voice control would help to further improve the efficiency our app is by:
    • Making it easier to navigate
    • Allow users to listen to and perform instructions instantly
    • Increased accessibility for those with different needs

What's next for OneTwoFix

  • We hope to broaden the scope of information included in the application while also hoping to incorporate customized animations.
  • We want to explore the possibility of developing a remote learning tool that could integrate computer vision or augmented reality systems in paid pre-certification sessions.
  • Knowledge of basic first aid is a powerful skill to possess and can be ensured using OneTwoFix as a standard regulation for school, workplaces, etc.

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