I've always wanted to have an app that can store my ongoing lectures on the cloud and stream them as a YouTube video.

What it does

1: It can store any of your online lectures on the cloud and you can stream them as a YouTube video. 2: it can keep the record of your past lectures like Wayback machine If you miss your lecture then you can choose the date of the past from the application calendar, understand it back or attend the lecture. 3: Teachers could get the poll done and find out which student got how much and what. 4: Students can create a thread anonymously about the lecture that they don't understand, this feature is really helpful for those students who are shy to ask a question. 5: Teachers and upload resources online and his/her video on the doubts 6: Teachers and invite students

How we built it

I haven't completed it yet :( But here is my Figma design Figma

Challenges we ran into

I've faced a couple of challenges to make this project 1: I don't know how do I save video call on to cloud 2: I don't know yet completely how do I make Wayback machine-like feature in it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

If I make this project then it will solve my one big problem actually not mine it can have ability to solve tons of students.

What we learned

Here are some concepts that I learn 1: WebRTC 2: phone auth 3: Real-time communication 4: peer to peer

What's next for oneTeach

Well, I already discuss all ideas that I have in my mind but anyway I have to write tests for it and make it secure.

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