We work in a world full of devices. We start working on one and then move on to another. The main challenge we face is seamless integration between devices and platforms. Imagine you start working on a document but don't finish, and then you head out to work. What if you could take a snapshot of the system and use it on your work PC and continue the work?

We call it OneSync. One window, one button, one simple task; movement of your work between devices in real time. You switch on your computer, start working with files and then just click on Save and leave. Head over to another PC (maybe half way across the world) and press Resume and its exactly how you left off. No need to carry your laptop everywhere, no need to have any backup service, no need to remotely access your PC. Let us carry your burden.

This is designed for anyone that works with files and has multiple devices. You work on one device, save and work on another device. Press save again and when you resume back to your first device, voila, the files and changes are there. We make your experience feel like home.

The main feature we are proud of is simplicity. You work on one and all other devices you login into are updated. You really need to try it to see how quick, simple and easy it is.

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