As a group of international students in Hong Kong, we often face various stresses far from home. One of the main concerns was when we were sick in school and have to find a doctor the the most convenient way. As students in HKUST, while we hold a great distance from other towns and cities in Hong Kong, such problems become more obvious and worrying. Therefore, we want to create an app that is extremely user-friendly for people from the beginning of a simple diagonising of sickness to help book the hospial they want to go to. We want people to experience the benefit of healthcare in the most straightforward way possible, hence the "OneStepToDoctor" mobile application idea is formed.

What it does

Our app starts with a simple diagnosis through multiple choice questions in order to determine the potential sickness the person has. We then attempt to implement the Google map and search up all the possible hostpitals for such sickness nearby through it and ask them to choose the hospital they prefer. The app will try to provide a symptom report of the app-user to the doctor, and if possible, the app may help register a timeslot for the user to go to the hospital with a booking. This will allow the entire process to be done simply on a phone or tablet, reducing the waste of time and increase the efficiency.

How we built it

We attempted to use Android Studio to create the mobile app. We divided each person into different app pages which includes the main pages, questionaire, registration, etc. This increased our speed of collaboration and further allowed us to make as much as we can in the limited given time.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the day, there are various challenges we faced while trying to complete this app. Firstly, all of us are unexperienced at making an app, so we are learning while making the app at the same time. Additionally, trying to combine the codes from four computers into one was also a time-consuming task as we didn't have any experience in doing so. However, the overall experience is indeed helpful for us in the future on app development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a group of year 1 engineering students coming to HKUST, the fact that we came together as one team, and create a brand new idea in this limited amount of time is not only something memorable, but an achievement we are extremely proud of. We managed to provide a basic overview of our mobile app which includes a demonstration of most of the tools we want to include in it. As a group of new-comers into this field, we believe achieving this task was something special and should be proud of.

What we learned

Of course, what we learnt the most is actually from building the app itself! We started from zero, ended up knowing how to implement and connect different pages of the app through buttons and make decisions in it in order to provide the correct outcome for future app users. Additionally, we learnt how to collaborate with each other throughout the process. Without any one of the teammates, such achievements would not be accomplished. We enjoyed the atmosphere throughout, and by looking at other people's codes and products, we believe we still have a lot more to learn!

What's next for oneStepToDoc

Today is just the first step of One Step to Doctor mobile app. Some of the main features we still haven't had time to include are to contact the doctors and hospitals through the apps for booking, in order to make the procedure even simpler. Moreover, we will like to invite doctors and professions to provide information in our questionaires to make our predictions of sicknesses much more accurate, and thus provide a better symptom report. Today is just the beginning of our dream, and one day we will like to make it reality.

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