Our inspiration came from the doubt that a lot of people probably encounter when they read food’s labels and come across ingredients with long and confusing names. We want to educate consumers about the lesser known ingredients that are in the food products they use. This can also include allergens, controversial chemicals and complicated-sounding names.

What it does

Onestà scans the barcodes of products, searches through a database of ingredients and chooses the ones that are more likely to be unfamiliar to the public. Also, it highlights the potential allergens.

How I built it

Onestà was built in Flask, using APIs from Walmart, Nutritionix. Front End Design was made in sketch. Design was made as a Sprint Exercise after doing brainstorming and interviews with potential users.

Challenges I ran into

Finding the best API to suit the needs of the idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Challenging ourselves to try and learn new things. Coming up with an idea and working under a tight timeline. Doing research and finding tutorials.

What I learned

We learned more about working with APIs, JavaScript, Python, HTML, Designing based on user's wants.

What's next for Onestà

We hope Onestà will be used by consumers as mobile apps for easier accessibility.

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