PowerPoint template is a great feature, but it relies on you to fill in most of the information. With Magic Slide you can create a PowerPoint presentation very easily using drag-and-drop capabilities and your Office 365 data information already in place.

What it does

Creates PowerPoint presentation from web-based templates.

How I built it

The Magic Slide is an ASP.NET website using C# as server side code and JavaScript as client side code.

Challenges I ran into

The combination and communication between the Client Side Scripting and the Server Side code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Magic Slide is a proof of concept project developed specially for hack productivity. In a very short time we have a running app using the O365 API.

What I learned

Microsoft Office 365’s APIs opens a whole new world to us. As a developer you just need to embed this information in your app in a why it matters to your business.

What's next for Magic Slide

The next step will be to offer Magic Slide as a PowerPoint Add-In and continue develop more advance features but still easy to use for Non-IT people. And finally to change it from proof-of-concept software into a real product!

Built With

  • twitter-bootstrap-and-jquery
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